Lockout/Tagout Course

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Would you stick your hand into a machine and hope no one turns it on? You can guarantee the machine stays off by locking and tagging it out. Failure to lock out machinery before servicing it is a major cause of injury and death. These deaths and injuries can be prevented by establishing and following an effective lockout/tagout program. Ideal learners are all employees.

Course Objectives:

  • Explain the purpose of lockout/tagout; 
  • List the different forms of hazardous energy to which you may be exposed; 
  • Identify what activities are covered by lockout/tagout; 
  • Describe the three elements of an Energy Control Program; 
  • Recognize the types of lockout/tagout devices; 
  • Explain who is required to lock out or tag out; 
  • List the steps for attaching and removing locks and tags; 
  • Discuss periodic inspections of lockout/tagout; 
  • Understand the training requirements for lockout/tagout

Duration:  32 min

Keywords: lockout/tagout, pandemic, EHS Awareness, EHS Global, General Safety, Driver Awareness, manufacturing, Construction, Ergonomics, Transportation Safety, Health and Wellness, Employment Liability, Environmental, UL, ultraining, UL courses

Lockout/Tagout Course



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